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Different shapes of buoys.
There are 4 different shapes of beach buoys: conical, cylindrical, spherical and cylindrical. truncated conical.

Depending on the countries and cities, the marking is done differently.

For beach markings the buoys are cylindrical to port and conical to starboard, they are spherical to delimit swimming areas for example.
They may also be truncated conical if accessories such as lights are required on a conical buoy. Spherical and cylindrical buoys (in D600 and D600) D800) can be equipped directly.


Empty Buoys

  • They are lightweight, inexpensive and 100% recyclable.
  • On the other hand, if they are struck by a ship and pierced, they can fill up. They are therefore more fragile than foamed buoys.
  • In addition, they are not submersible, i. e. they cannot be submerged. kept entirely underwater.

Foam buoys

  • The buoys are foamed with polyurethane foam.
  • They are waterproof in case of impact, robust and submersible.
  • However, they are more expensive than empty buoys and non-recyclable.

Our buoys are available in diameters 400,600 and 800.

All our buoys are available in Yellow, Green or Red.

The different models

Empty Conical Voids

  • MOBB4PE11 Diam. 400
  • MOBB6PE11 Diam. 600
  • MOBB6FPPE11 Diam. 600 FOND PLAT
  • MOBB8PE11 Diam. 800
  • MOBB6FPPE11 Diam. 800 FOND PLAT

Foamed Conics

  • MOBB4PU11 Diam. 400
  • MOBB640PU11 Diam. 600
  • MOBB6FP40PU11 Diam. 600 FOND PLAT
  • MOBB840PU11 Diam. 800
  • MOBB8FP40PU11 Diam. 800 FOND PLAT

Empty Cylinders

  • MOBC4PE34 Diam. 400
  • MOBC6PE34 Diam. 600
  • MOBC6FPPE34 Diam. 600 FOND PLAT
  • MOBC8PE34 Diam. 800
  • MOBC8FPPE34 Diam. 800 FOND PLAT

Foamed Cylinders

  • MOBC440PU34 Diam. 400
  • MOBC640PU34 Diam. 600
  • MOBC6FP40PU34 Diam. 600 FOND PLAT
  • MOBC840PU34 Diam. 800
  • MOBC8FP40PU34 Diam. 800 FOND PLAT

Spherical Empty

  • MOBS4PE33 Diam. 400
  • MOBS6PE33 Diam. 600
  • MOBS6FPPE33 Diam. 600 FOND PLAT
  • MOBS8PE33 Diam. 800
  • MOBS8FPPE33 Diam. 800 FOND PLAT

Spherical Foaming

  • MOBS440PU33 Diam. 400
  • MOBS640PU33 Diam. 600
  • MOBS6FP40PU33 Diam. 600 FOND PLAT
  • MOBS840PU33 Diam. 800
  • MOBS8FP40PU33 Diam. 800 FOND PLAT

Empty Tronconic Vacuum

  • MOBT6PE33 Diam. 600
  • MOBT6FPPE33 Diam. 600 FOND PLAT
  • MOBT82IPE33 Diam. 800 - 2 inserts
  • MOBT8FP2IPE33 Diam. 800 FOND PLAT - 2 inserts

Foamed Conical Troncones

  • MOBT640PU33 Diam. 600
  • MOBT6FP40PU33 Diam. 600 FOND PLAT
  • MOBT82I40PU33 Diam. 800 - 2 inserts
  • MOBT8FP2IPU33 Diam. 800 FOND PLAT - 2 inserts

All buoys have an organeau with a crimped tube.


Durability can be improved by using an arnite wear kit.


The St. Andrew's Cross is a sight glass used for special mark buoys.
The indicators can only be installed on 600 or 800 diameter, spherical or truncated conical buoys (recommended).

St. Andrew

The red flag is used to delineate bathing areas (mainly in the case of unstable seabed).
It can be installed on 600 or 800 diameter buoys, spherical or preferably truncated-conical.

Red flag

Three types of lights can be installed on the beach buoys: the M550 and M650H.
They can only be installed on buoys diameter 600 and 800. Their colour must always be in accordance with the colour of the buoy.
They can be coupled to a cross of St. Andrew if necessary but in this case, the sight glass has a top plate serving as a support for the fire.